Equipment Financing

Financing for All Types of Business Equipment

Every business requires the right equipment to get the job done. However, investing in business machines, tools, vehicles and computers can be expensive, especially for new companies. If you want to better manage your cash flow while getting what you need, consider equipment financing and leasing from H4 Capital.

Equipment Financing

When you want to own your equipment long-term, a loan from H4 Capital can help. This is a great choice when the equipment has a relatively long service life. We can provide financing with little or no down payment. For smaller applications, no financial statements are required. If you are buying middle-market or large-ticket items, we can offer $500,000 or more.

We know that many of our customers have unique circumstances that may impact their ability to qualify for financing. These are some of the unique programs we offer to help:

  • Startups: If you have a new business, we can help you to get financing. We work with companies that have been in business for two years or less.
  • Poor Credit: Don’t worry if you have less-than-perfect credit. This program helps businesses with B-, C- or D-credit ratings.

Equipment Leasing

Alternatively, you may consider a lease. This is a great option if you want to use the equipment without investing in buying it outright. If you expect to upgrade soon, you may want to consider leasing.

Some of the benefits of equipment leasing include low, fixed payments, no risk of equipment obsolescence and benefits for taxes. We offer a few programs to help with leasing:

  • Government & Municipal: If you represent a government agency, we can likely offer guaranteed approval. This applies to federal and state agencies, uniformed services, school districts and similar organizations.
  • Sale & Lease Back: Do you need cash now? We can buy your current equipment from you and lease it back to you. This is a great way to infuse your business with extra capital.

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