Healthcare Financing

Healthcare Business Financing For Your Medical Practice

Your healthcare practice serves your community, so let our healthcare financing serve you. Whether you focus on people or animals, H4 Capital has the working capital you need for routine purchases such as equipment leasing or expansion. Here are some of the ways partnering with us benefits you.

Our Financing Promise

When your practice needs cash flow, we offer the funds needed with no upfront payments or personal credit bureau reporting. Our generous terms give you lower payments for up to 72 months. That’s why H4 Capital is known for helping people with Healthcare Business Financing.

Debt Consolidation

Turning multiple monthly payments into a single, lower payment can be a great weight off your shoulders. We offer approval rates as quickly as 24 hours and you could pay off your debts within the following week.

Practice Acquisitions

Healthcare financing is perfect for buying out a partner or acquiring a competitor. Qualified medical professionals can earn up to 100% financing for this type of endeavor.

Equipment Leasing

Most medical equipment is large and costly, meaning you will likely lease what you need as you need it. We offer a variety of payment options for leasing transactions and can even cover up to 50% of soft costs.

Learn More Today

Contact our office for more information about getting your practice the working capital it needs through Healthcare business financing from H4 Capital. We can speak with you directly or you can fill out an application.