Merchant Cash Advance Loans

Cash to Keep Your Business Thriving

When the economy is unpredictable, your small business needs cash flow you can rely on. A merchant cash advance can ensure your business stays afloat during market downturns and can grow when the economy is on an upswing. At H4 Capital, we can provide the cash your business needs to accomplish your goals.

How Our Merchant Cash Advance Loans Work

If your business qualifies, you can earn up to $200,000 for each physical business location. This advance is paid back through your merchant transactions. We can work with all major credit card companies, including Visa, Discover and American Express. Using this method, you do not need to worry about monthly payments or late fees.

Benefits of Partnering With Us

Our merchant cash advance loan program provides the funds you need with as little hassle as possible. We guarantee this cash will come quickly and with no loss of equity on your part. Some other ways we do this include:

  • Reduced amount of paperwork
  • No application fees or closing costs
  • No required collateral
  • No restrictions on how you use the money

We Want to Hear From You

Contact our office today to find out more about our merchant cash advance program. With our help, you can ensure your business can grow and thrive in erratic market conditions.