Referral & Broker Program

Start Working With theĀ  Team Today

Are you looking for opportunities in the financial services industry? H4 Capital has openings on our team as well as a generous referral and broker program. This could be your opportunity to define your own path for success. Here are some advantages of working with our team:

  • Strong commissions and fees to reward your hard work and dedication
  • Commitment to continuing high-quality relationships with all team members
  • Chance to work with a team of motivated and friendly professionals
  • Access to a large portfolio of lending options so you can close more deals and earn more commissions

We believe in achieving mutual success. So, we are dedicated to helping our team members, brokers and referrals partners to succeed.

The Referral and Broker Program

If you want to work with us as an outside referral partner or broker, we welcome you. We will help you get started with previewing or submitting a transaction. Additionally, we offer reciprocal referrals so that you keep getting paid when clients return to us. You can also count on us for upfront fee disclosures and timely payments upon closing projects.

The Ideal Candidate for the H4 Capital Team

If you are interested in working with H4 Capital, we would be happy to hear from you. To help you decide whether this is likely to be a good fit for you, here are some qualities we look for in an ideal candidate:

  • Confident enough to handle rejection from prospects without doubting yourself
  • Friendly and ready to work in a highly people-centric business
  • Organized and driven enough to take the initiative and work with minimal oversight
  • A team player who wants to support the success of the group

Get Started Today

Do you want to join the H4 Capital team or referral and broker program? Contact us today to learn about current opportunities and explore whether you would be a good fit.