Tips for Creating Beneficial Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives

Today’s consumers want more than just a great product or service. They want to support companies that are involved with their communities. They hope to purchase their goods from companies that promote the common good. However, getting involved in the community in a meaningful way can be challenging. These commitments take time and resources away from the company. Fortunately, companies like yours are finding ways to align their CSR strategies that are more beneficial to their businesses.

Focus on Your Core Business Purpose

Today, many companies are aligning their CSR initiatives with their business strategies. Therefore, they are evaluating their core business purposes and finding ways to give back that fit within these initiatives. You can focus on projects that also help your bottom line. For example, a company that makes shoes may donate one pair of shoes per 20 or 50 sales, and a restaurant may donate to a food bank or soup kitchen. Aligning these initiatives to your company’s core competencies allows you to make a difference without trying to find the time or adapt your processes.

Connect With the Community

Any form of CSR should bring you into your community or other communities. For example, if you own an activewear company and you sponsor youth events or teams, you should be in touch with parents, organizers and coaches. These connections are valuable because you may be helping future business partners, employees or investors. You also give others in these communities key experience, resources or knowledge they need to succeed in their futures.

Engage Every Level of the Organization

CSR initiatives need to involve every level of an organization, everyone from the CEO to the frontline workers. As a CEO, you may ask your employees what types of strategies the company should pursue and how they will fit with the company’s core business. This helps them learn more about your entire organization, not just their role in it. Your employees need your support, and you need their buy-in. Making them feel as if they are part of the planning and decision-making process encourages them to participate in your initiatives as well. You don’t want to be the only one from your company that shows up to an event you are hosting on a Saturday afternoon.

Pursue Innovations

One of the best benefits of proper CSR is innovation. You and your employees should be searching the community for needs the company can fill. Some of these projects may require additional research and development before they are implemented. Fortunately, your project may just end up being a money maker.

CSR strategies have become vital to the survival and growth of many businesses. Don’t just see them as drains on your company. They have great benefits as well.